Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. PTSD Therapy Doesn’t Trigger Drug Relapse In Addiction Patients

Talk therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doesn’t appear to increase addiction treatment patients’ risk of relapse, a small new study says. (  )

2. FDA Clamps Down On Companies Selling Hangover Treatments

None of the products mentioned in the warning letters have been evaluated by the FDA for their intended uses. ( )

3. New Tool Calculates Lives Saved, Policy Implications Of Tobacco Control

New estimates from a web-based tool that tracks tobacco use created by the Yale School of Public Health show that the recent federal law raising the age of legal tobacco purchase to 21 could save over 100,000 lives over the . (

4. Critics Say Judges Have Too Much Leeway In Applying Law To Reduce Crack Sentences

Critics of the First Step Act, designed to reduce federal sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, say judges are being given too much leeway in deciding who can be released early, according to The New York Times. ( )

5. Toronto Had Record 27 Suspected Overdose-Related Deaths In July

Since the legalization and regulation of cannabis for non-medical purposes in October 2018, the ways in which Canadians use cannabis have increased and diversified. (

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