Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1.Beyond Parody: Drug Addiction Numbers Do Not Lie, Methamphetamines Make Roaring Comeback In Area

Drug and alcohol addiction are well known. Some people are tired of hearing or reading about it. Some are tired of a broken system that is supposed to provide care and treatment for those that need it. (Riverbend)

2. Jason Isaacs opens up on 20-year drug addiction

The 57-year-old actor has an “addictive personality” and by the age of 16, he’d already been abusing alcohol and turned his attention to illegal substances, and refused to listen to pleas to stop for almost 20 years. (Roanoke)

3.White House officials, Shore leaders talk drug crisis

EASTON — President Donald Trump’s drug czar traveled to Easton on Monday, Aug. 17, to discuss the drug addiction crisis lawmakers say has “resurrected” on Maryland’s Eastern Shore during the coronavirus pandemic because of isolation and many other associated challenges. (Stardem)

4.Drug treatment, decriminalization measure officially certified for ballot

Oregon voters will decide in November whether to expand access to drug addiction treatment and reduce criminal penalties for simple drug possession, the Oregon Secretary of State officially confirmed Aug. 12. (Hoodrivernews)

5. SWFL man recovers from drug addiction, creates business to help others move forward

“It was my junior year. I was on the basketball team and one of my best friends broke his leg. He got prescribed some pain killer. I tried two of them and as soon as I took them, all the fear and anxiety and everything I was dealing with just went away,” he said. (Winknews)

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