Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. Words Used To Describe Alcohol Intoxication May Give Clues To Drinking Habits

Research suggests the language young adults use to describe the effects they feel from drinking may give insight into their drinking. (

2. Dramatic Increase Occurring In Overdose Fatalities

There has been a dramatic increase in overdose fatalities involving illicit opioids, stimulants, heroin, and cocaine but a simultaneous dramatic drop in the use of prescription opioids. (

3. Patients Battling Opioid Addiction In Central Appalachia Face Issues Accessing Drug Treatment

Despite its proven effectiveness as a treatment for opioid use disorders (OUD), buprenorphine is not reaching patients in central Appalachia, the epicenter of the opioid crisis in the United States, according to investigators. (

4. CDC: New Mexico Has Highest Rate For Alcohol-Related Deaths

According to a recently published report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New Mexico continues to have the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in the country. (

5. One Step Closer To Earlier Diagnosis Of Bipolar Disorder And Psychoses

Genetic risk score for bipolar disorder is associated with an increased risk of developing bipolar symptoms. The genetic risk factor for schizophrenia is linked to an increased risk of those with depression developing psychosis. (

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