Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. Filling Opioid Prescriptions Postpartum Increases Risk for Serious Opioid-Related Events

Filling an opioid prescription in the postpartum period is associated with an increased risk for serious opioid-related events, with the risk increasing with the number of prescriptions filled. (

2. Helping Children Struggling With Depression Or Drug Addiction During Isolation

Helping struggling children has been more difficult lately because schools are often where children can be connected to resources. A teacher or guidance counselor may notice a student who’s depressed or has signs of drug addiction and can then connect that student to free counseling or substance abuse treatment. But parents don’t have to go through school for those resources. (  

3. Stress, isolation and free time: People are drinking more amid pandemic, study says

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches into the year, more adults are drinking to cope, and alcohol sales have surged across the country, a new study says. (

4. The Immune System Facilitates Alcohol Addiction

A new study reveals the role microglia plays in alcohol addiction, finding the immune cells alter the geometry of gray matter while under the influence of alcohol. (

5. Jim Carroll: During COVID-19, the fight against addiction continues at home

More than ever, it is critical that patients and their caregivers know how to properly store and dispose of unused, expired, or unneeded medicines on their own. (

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