Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. Record Number Of Overdose Deaths Recorded In Us Last Year

The United States reached a grim record last year with nearly 71,000 drug overdose deaths. (

2. Mysterious Brain Structure Sheds Light On Drug Addiction

Do you remember where you were when you first heard that two planes had crashed into New York’s Twin Towers? Or where you had your first kiss? Our brains are wired to retain information that relates to the context in which (

3. Latinos Hit Hardest By U.S. Coronavirus Surge As 6 States Report Record Deaths

A half-dozen U.S. states in the South and West reported one-day records for coronavirus deaths on Tuesday and cases in Texas passed the 400,000 mark as California health officials said Latinos made up more than half its cases. (

4. Five-Fold Increase In Referrals To Uk Gambling Treatment Services Since Covid-19 Lock-Down

Gambling charities across the UK have reported a five-fold increase in the number of referrals for gambling treatment since COVID-19 lock-down. Treatment agency Gordon Moody Association has seen increased numbers of people accessing its outreach services and 100,000 more women visiting its online therapy website than during the same time last year. The charity also reported that the number of gamblers reporting suicidal thoughts has quadrupled. (

5. Alcohol Sales Relaxed In Northern Ireland To Help Covid-19 Hit Businesses

Stormont ministers have announced that alcohol sale restrictions will be relaxed, allowing pubs and nightclubs across Northern Ireland to serve alcohol until 2am on weekends, an hour later than was previously permitted. The legislation is due to be implemented in early 2021 and is intended to support the hospitality industry, which has faced financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. (

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