Addiction Treatment Programs

Are you in need of an Addiction Treatment Program?

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab or any Addiction Treatment program does not have to be a difficult task.

Our counselors will begin with a confidential addiction treatment assessment to determine if you or your loved one would benefit from an inpatient addiction treatment program. We will explain the options for substance abuse addiction based on your assessment. Our experienced referral specialists can then answer your questions and based on your needs and resources, match you with the best possible rehabilitation center.  Our goal is to help you find the right Rehab the first time. can help you find  a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that fits your individual needs so you can start your path of recovery. 

How to get drug or alcohol addiction help? We will answer all of your questions about finding a drug and alcohol rehab or addiction treatment center that is important to you when choosing a program that will meet your needs. We have over the years forged relationships with hundreds of Addiction Treatment Programs throughout the US and Canada.

  • We will help you with financing and arrange payment options.
  • We can match you with a facility that accepts your health insurance
  • We will help scheduale your admittance ,arrange flights and airport pick-up

Our service will answer your questions and provide you information on the best Addiction Treatments  based on the following factors :

  • Type of Addiction  
  • Location
  • Length of Treatment
  • Price
  • Insurance
  • Financing
  • Medical Detox vs Drug Detox

 Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

Residential addiction treatment is offered at rehab centers by qualified physicians and addiction specialists. Residential drug and alcohol rehabs are usually located in rural surroundings, to remove the temptation to leave early or to sneak out and try to obtain alcohol or other drugs while in treatment. Most addiction treatment centers provide an environment that is conducive to rehabilitation. The individual is given personalized treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. In a residential treatment program, the individual is removed from his/her surroundings and placed in a soothing locale. This not only speeds up the rehab process but also removes the person from their surroundings that could trigger a relapse.

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