Avoid Losing Your Benefits Due to Addiction

Aside from the physical, emotional, and mental aspects, there is another reason why you should stop abusing harmful substances: financial. In 2010, the government has mandated that those who have not yet been treated for excessive drinking and smoking, and other hazardous practices are basically stripped of certain privileges. A statement from the Home Office indicated that they should, “comply with the full requirements of the benefits regime or face the consequences.” Basically, those who are not in rehabilitation are no longer given special treatment. Also, they face the same sanctions as regular jobholders, such as taxes, penalties, and other mandated contributions.

One reason why this was implemented is that there have been records that an estimated 80% of cocaine and heroin users were able to avail of these incentives. Some of which used state-owned money to support their vice. Knowing this, the government decided that one way of decreasing this figure is by reducing the demand and supply of these harmful substances.

One of the programs implemented is by rewarding people who are making an effort to improve their situation through specific incentives. Basically, its objective is to convince people back to the workforce with an initial pay-for-performance scheme. Through this, individuals battling addiction get an idea of what it is like to receive wages and bonuses and encourage them to apply for jobs.

Although it might sound intimidating, this project is geared towards the overall welfare and development of substance abusers letting them get a taste of what are the financial benefits they can gain when they join the workforce. If you are one of these individuals, it is high time for you to overcome your addiction and seek guidance and support.

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