Defining Drug and Substance Abuse

Drug abuse may involve the overuse or misuse of prescribed or over-the-counter medications (particularly sleeping pills) or illicit drugs. Stimulants such as cocaine, “ecstasy,” “speed,” and other amphetamines, opioids (heroin, morphine, and other sleep-inducing narcotics), and marijuana are currently the most widely abused illicit drugs. Currently, the most common form of substance abuse is alcohol abuse–the overuse of beer, wine, or liquor. So next we are going to see about the Substance abuse definition.

Substance Abuse Definition:

Substance abuse definition: The term “Substance Abuse” is the condition caused by regular excessive compulsive consumption of alcohol and/or physical addiction to a substance that results in a chronic disorder affecting the physical and mental health of a person. Substance abuse has a range of definitions related to disapproval overuse or overuse of mood-altering substances. These fall into four major categories: Painkiller abuse or alcohol dependence. Medically, dependence requires the development of tolerance leading to withdrawal symptoms.

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