Do You Need To Eat Something Before You Run

In the morning to run with an empty stomach because you seem logical that this will force the body to burn food quickly and lose excess weight.

Fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld, author of “Women’s Home Workout Bible” for years has researched the above theory, hoping to confirm the facts.

Instead, he found that although you burn more calories if you exercise on an empty stomach in the end it doesn’t matter. So pick the same, “says Schoenfeld for” Strength and Conditioning “.

Sports Nutrologia Cassie Dimmick believes that the decision about food consumption or before exercise is a decision that everyone should receive considering their body reports However, it adds: “Most experts recommend that you eat something before exercise because it would have enough fuel to exercise longer and more, to burn calories.”

She advises eating something healthy like a fruit or a slice of black bread with olive oil or honey.

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