How to Spot the Right Drug Abuse Counsellor

Some people resort to taking prohibited substances because of overwhelming problems. For this reason, it is important that they see a specialist who can help them get down to the bottom of the situation and cure their addiction issues. Here are some tips on how to find the right drug abuse counsellor.

First, find an expert with at least a bachelor’s degree and a license to practise such profession. You can ask for his license number and verify it with the institution that he is affiliated with. Alternatively, you can call the organisation of substance abuse advisers and therapists and ask for a recommendation.

Second, shop around for a counsellor that allows you to ask as many questions as possible. The process is very much like buying a suit. A good sales person will be able to answer all your inquiries honestly. And in the case of a therapist, this should indicate that he is willing to prove his worth to you. A professional would be able to provide you options that are suited to your needs. Next, ask him about the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment or programme he suggested. Only a trustworthy specialist will be able to tell you what you can expect from the programme. He must also be able to guarantee confidentiality in all the sessions.

Aside from that, choose a counsellor who seems to genuinely care about you. He must also show empathy and firmness at the same time. This is because a professional drug addiction adviser can be empathetic to his patients and yet, he does not hold them accountable for their actions. Hence, he must be able to keep an emotional distance from you to avoid complications.

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