Life Of Dawn Wilkinson

We are living in a society that’s running on stressful energy; we’re always on the go and never take the time to listen to our inner selves.  We all need a time and place just to be still to reconnect and listen to our inner being away from outside influences such as the media and relationships (work, family, and friends) that intrude on who we really are.

Understanding what stresses us and learning new skills in de-stressing allows us the freedom to be happy in our daily lives.

My name is Dawn Wilkinson.

For over 30yrs I have suffered from ME or Chronic Fatigue, during those years and the many bouts of illness I have learned many lessons that have enabled me to grow as a person. I led me to search for a deeper meaning to my life and eventually to Buddhism 19yrs ago allowing me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me, enabling me to nurture greater empathy, understanding, respect, patience, and optimism for other people and the multitude of circumstances they find themselves enduring.

I am a qualified Counsellor, Reiki Master & Youth Worker. For over twenty years I have provided young and old with therapeutic support, counseling, advice & guidance; working in Dr’s surgeries and voluntarily within the community.

Between 2003 2008 I worked in Salford with 42ndSt; an organization that works with young people under stress. During my time at 42ndSt, I had the opportunity to develop my skills using a number of therapeutic approaches including CBT, Solution Focus Therapy, and Transactional Analysis.

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