Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. Millions For Addiction And Mental Health In B.c.’s Budget For ‘unprecedented Need’

British Columbia’s finance minister says the government is making the largest investment in mental health and addictions in the province’s history as part of Budget 2021. (

2. Addiction Treatment Centers In Virginia: Why It Is The Right Choice

Recovery from addiction is a process that starts with the first step. One of the smartest decisions you can make is to not take this step alone.  (

3. The Opioid Vaccine In The Works, Could Be A ‘game-Changer For Addiction,’ Researcher Says

Research is underway to develop a twice-per-year vaccine that may help people overcome opioid addiction.  (

4. Australian Addiction Support Platform Eyes Us Expansion After Closing $1.9m Seed Round

The free online platform uses a coaching model that provides users with the option for peer support. (

5. Critics Say Chauvin Defense ‘Weaponized’ Stigma For Black Americans With Addiction

Derek Chauvin’s defense has suggested George Floyd’s drug use might have made him more “volatile” and unpredictable, justifying the use of force. Critics say Floyd needed health care and compassion. (

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