Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. The US Lifts Barriers To Prescribing Addiction Treatment Drug

The U.S. government is easing requirements that made it difficult for doctors to treat opioid addiction using medication. (

2. B.C.Owned Addiction Rehab Center Tainted With Carcinogens

BC Liberals paid $2.2 million over assessed value for the northern site. (

3. Alcohol Addiction & Abuse: Signs, Effects and Getting Help

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez Originally Posted On Alcohol Addiction & Abuse: Signs, Effects and Getting Help (

4 Alcohol Addiction Pipeline Analysis: Key Pharma Companies Set to Develop Innovative Therapies and Explore Countless Opportunities

Alcohol Addiction Pipeline Insight report proffers rich insights into emerging Alcohol Addiction pipeline therapies with an analysis of 25+ key players and 25+ key therapies. (

5. ARCH Way Works To End Drug, Alcohol Addiction

ARCHway Institute is a major player locally and elsewhere in finding help for people with addictions. (

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