Arosa weekly roundup

1. OSU Opens New Substance Abuse, Addiction Research Center

The Hardesty Center for Clinical Research and Neuroscience will house resources to support clinical trials, population health initiatives, and more. (

2. ‘I’m Not In Prison Anymore, But My Addiction Was My Prison’: Maine Sees Record Number Of Drug Overdose Deaths In June

60 Mainers died in June from drug-related overdoses. That’s the highest number of fatal overdoses in one month according to the Office of the Attorney General. (

3. New Laws Provide Hope In The War On Opioid Addiction

Expanded access to OD antidotes and anti-opioid meds is a key feature of new laws in NJ, amid a rising tide of drug deaths in the state. (

4. One Should Never Be Alone During Addiction Recovery

Never Alone Recovery Hall (NARH) founder Don Roberts and his Board of Directors are forging a new path for peer recovery support services offered on the Flathead Reservation. (

5. Punishing Drug Use Heightens The Stigma Of Addiction – STAT

Punitive policies around drugs mark people who use them as criminals and contribute to the overwhelming stigma against them and addiction. (

6. Hopeless To Hopeful: Oregon Woman Talks Recovery, Warns Of Fentanyl Fears

Crystal Long has been clean for nearly 18 months as she works through her recovery from addiction. She says it’s been more than a year since her life came to a crashing halt. ( 

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