Arosa weekly roundup

1. Opioid Addiction Treatment Facility Opens In Myrtle Beach

Carolina Pain and Wellness recently opened in the Grand Strand and said its main goal is to tackle the opioid crisis happening in the Myrtle Beach area.  (

2. Addiction Treatment Program For Frontline Workers Launched At Colorado Recovery Center

The stress of the pandemic on frontline medical workers is well documented. And that stress has led some in the medical and first responder community to seek relief through alcohol and drugs. (

3. Congressman Trone Brings Top Biden Administration Addiction Treatment Official To Meet With Medical Professionals At Meritus Hospital

The substance abuse crisis has only gotten more severe during the pandemic. That brought some attention to our area Wednesday from some top federal officials on both Capitol Hill and the Biden administration. (

4. Cocke County Jail Starts Treatment Program To Help Inmates Overcome Addiction

Cocke County jail is the first in the state to utilize the Jail Chemical Addiction Program, helping inmates overcome substance abuse. (

5. Upmc’s Mobile Addiction Recovery Center To Make Weekly Stops In Elizabethville

Its mobile Center for Addiction Recovery is making weekly stops in Elizabethville, Dauphin County to serve the critical need for treatment in areas where resources are limited. (

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