Arosa weekly roundup

1. New App To Curb Relapse In Drug Abuse Patients Makes Trial Run In Billings

Since March, Mental health professionals in Billings have seen good anecdotal results after utilizing a text messaging app designed to interrupt relapse behavior in people with substance use disorders. (

2. One Story At A Time’ Event To Educate Community On Addiction

The harms of substance abuse and addiction, preventing it, and helping those who are dealing with it will be the focus of a free event Monday hosted by Greene County. (

3. We Are Here To Help’: Somerset County Unveils A New Tool To Fight Drug Addiction

The vehicle was purchased and equipped through federal and state funding, along with a private donation from the Anthony Calderaro Memorial Fund. (

4. SWFL’s Resources To Combat Pandemic-Era Rise In Substance Abuse

The stress and uncertainty that COVID-19 brings with it are being blamed for a rise in substance abuse. More than 13% of Americans say they either started or increased substance use during the pandemic, according to the CDC. The number one thing you can do is get help and surround yourself with good people. With (

5. Drug Abuse Is Back – Worse Than Ever

Drug addiction, death by overdose, and all the pain it causes families, not to mention the terrible disruptions it forces on society, is the devil in the dark – always. (

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