Arosa weekly roundup

1. Chronic Hope Institute Offers Addiction Recovery For Families

The organization’s mission is to educate families on addiction, codependency, and recovery. (

2. Cook County Program Helps Recovering Drug Addicts Find A New Lease On Life Affordable Housing

A new Cook County program is helping those recovering from addiction find refuge in their own homes. (

3. Hope Center Ministries Comes To Mid-Ohio Valley

A faith-based recovery program is working to make a difference in Ohio, and eventually West Virginia as well. (

4. Drug Overdose Deaths Spike 25% In New Mexico

Drug overdose deaths increased by 25% in New Mexico in 2020, according to a recent number gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (

5. The Long Wait Continues For More Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Support

Rehabilitation groups have called for more funding and support immediately. (

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