Arosa weekly roundup

1. U. Of C. Team Make Progress On A New Treatment For Addiction

Stem cell researchers at the University of Chicago believe we could be close to a future without drug addiction after recent progress on a revolutionary new treatment. (

2. Fundraiser Aims To Help Ohioans In Recovery

Cincinnati family creates a creative fundraiser to help raise awareness around drug addiction. (

3. SC Nonprofits Fight To End Drug Addiction After Deadly Overdoses Increase During A Pandemic 

Deadly drug overdoses in South Carolina took the lives of over 1,200 people in 2020. Local non-profits tell 7 News their mission to end addiction still remains import (

4. San Angelo Elks Lodge Raising Awareness Of Drug Addiction

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Drug awareness and education is a cause many organizations support. The San Angelo Elks Lodge is working to raise awareness for drug addiction using a new tool. A trailer (

5. Drug Prevention Programs Ramp Up Efforts To Curb Use And Addiction Ahead Of Teen Summer Fun

Studies show when parents talk to kids about drugs and alcohol, there’s a 50 percent chance of reducing addiction down the line. As teens look to summer parties and celebrations, making sure they make smart decisions is a priority for a lot of these programs. (

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