Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup

1. Lakes Area Community Coalition Now Offering Addiction Support Groups For Youth, Friends & Family

The Lakes Area Community Coalition is offering a new tool to support young people struggling with addictive behaviors. Last month, they officially rolled out their youth-only SMART Recovery groups.  (

2. With Legalized Sports Betting Coming To Arizona, Concerns About Gambling Addiction Increase

The ability to attend a sporting event, place a bet on a team and possibly return home a winner will soon be a. (

3. Opinion: How Addiction To Whipits Nitrous Oxide Killed My Life Partner

During the pandemic, Amanda acquired thousands of cannisters as smoke shops delivered them to her doorstep. (

4. People Recover From Addiction. They Also Go On To Do Good Things – Stat

Addiction, so the narrative goes, is a hopeless condition that few recover from. The truth is that 75% of people achieve recovery. (

5. If Your Teenager Was Addicted To Opioids, Would You Know? It’s Harder Than You Think.

I lost both my sons to opioid overdoses. Looking back, every red flag is screaming at me. But I didn’t recognize them then. (

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